Be Wise As Serpents

8th Sunday After Pentecost 2023
Christ does not commend the dishonesty of the steward in the Gospel, but rather his prudent foresight.  God has made us stewards of our lives and it is up to us to use our God-given talents to better know Him, love Him, and serve Him.  We see the ambitions of the world, but how much more desirous should we be for heavenly goods.  We too will have to make an account of our stewardship, and if we live our lives as a continual act of love we will be called to enter into the joy of our God.


His Battle Is Continued In Us

Feast of St. Michael 2023 Devotion to St. Michael predates the Church herself.  In the Old Testament he was the protector of God�...

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Instruction To The Youth

Q&A Conference September 2023 Children can sometimes be crueler than adults and hurt feelings can last a lifetime.  If we are...

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The Lowest of God’s Creatures

16th Sunday after Pentecost 2023 St. Joseph of Cupertino is truly one of the greatest saints.  His holiness and miracles were und...

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