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3rd Sunday after Pentecost 2013
The Church reminds us in the Introit of this Mass, just as she did at the beginning of the liturgical year, to lift up our souls to God.  We have been given the Holy Ghost in this season to carry us to our goal.  The first half of the liturgical year culminates in the feast of the Holy Trinity.  We have a long journey ahead to become saints.  God gave many promises to the souls who love the Sacred Heart of Jesus.  We are called to practice devotion to the Christ’s Heart during this month.


His Battle Is Continued In Us

Feast of St. Michael 2023 Devotion to St. Michael predates the Church herself.  In the Old Testament he was the protector of God�...

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Instruction To The Youth

Q&A Conference September 2023 Children can sometimes be crueler than adults and hurt feelings can last a lifetime.  If we are...

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The Lowest of God’s Creatures

16th Sunday after Pentecost 2023 St. Joseph of Cupertino is truly one of the greatest saints.  His holiness and miracles were und...

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