A Mélange

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17th Sunday After Pentecost 2014
Today will be a mixture of considerations based on the feasts presented to us through the liturgy of these days.  A favorite of ours is that of the Angels who are so much a part of our lives and not always appreciated.  Even the pagan philosophers knew about them.  We have experienced their aid many times.  We are given ten important truths about the angels to stimulate our devotion to them.  We have another great saint to celebrate and that is St. Francis of Assisi.  His biography is charming and encouraging because he was just like us as a typical son of a middle class businessman.  He was converted by hearing a Gospel verse and in a short life reached heights of sanctity which brought him a restoration of original justice.  His prophecy of a future leader with his name that would be a destroyer is chilling.  In conclusion we recall the feasts of the Rosary and Divine Maternity.

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