5 Day Votive Candle



It is an ancient custom among Catholics to keep candles burning before Our Lord in the Blessed Sacrament. The candle represents the divine fire of love with which our hearts are inflamed and by which we desire to honor Christ in His Real Presence.

The bright flame above represents the divinity of Christ; the candle proper symbolizes His humanity; the wick concealed within the candle is the fire of His soul; the wax itself, which is the product of the viginal bee, is an emblem of Christ’s most pure body.

When we ourselves cannot be present in the church the silently ascending flame of the candle, pure and warm, is there in our place. It is an emblem of adoration and devotion on the wings of which our heart flies above all that is earthly and peacefully reposes in the bosom of God.

Have a votive candle lit for you in our chapel and shrines.

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