Sweet Heart of Mary, be my salvation! 300 days (S. P. Ap., Jan. 30, 1950).

o purest Heart of the Blessed Virgin Mary, obtain for me from Jesus a pure and humble heart!

300 days (S. P. Ap., Jan 30, 1950).

Virgin most holy, by thy holy and Immaculate Heart, make us enter into the adorable Heart of the divine Son, Jesus Christ.

o Mary, bless this house, where thy name is ever held in benediction. All gloriy to Mary, ever immacu­late, ever virgin, blessed among women, the Mother of our Lord Jesus Christ, Queen of paradise.

300 days (S. P. Ap., Jan. 30, 1950).

Immaculate Queen of Peace, pray for us. 300 days (Raccclta, 1950).

My Queen! My Mother! I give myself entirely to thee; and to show my devotion to thee, I consecrate to thee this day my eyes, my ears, my mouth, my heart, my whole being, without reserve. Wherefore, good Mother, as I am thine own, keep me, guard me as thy property and possession.

100 days once a day> said alter the Hail Mary morning and evening. Plenary on usual conditions (Pius IX, Aug. 5, 1851).