o Sacred Heart of Jesus, full of loving kindness for those who love Thee, may our flesh and our heart be absorbed in Thee, that Thou mayest be the love of our heart and our portion forever,

o Victim of charity, most loving Heart of Jesus, immolated for our sins, neglected and outraged by ungrateful men, change us, quicken us, and set us on fire.

Invoking the blessing of the Sacred Heart upon a friend—May the grace and blessing of the Sacred Heart be with you; the peace of the Sacred Heart encompass you; the merits of the Sacred Heart plead for you; the love of the Sacred Heart inflame you; the sorrows of the Sacred Heart console you; the zeal of the Sacred Heart animate you; the virtues of the Sacred Heart shine forth in every word and work; and may the joys of the beatific vision be your eternal recompense. Amen.

o Sacred Heart of Jesus, have mercy on me according to Thy great mercy and do with me and in me whatever Thou wilt. 1 abandon myself to Thee with full confidence that Thou wilt never abandon me.

Prayer of BI. Madeleine Sophie Barat.

Eucharistic Heart of Jesus, have mercy on us!

300 days (St. Pius X, July 26, 1907).