o Lord Jesus, let me know myself, let me know


And desire nothing else but only Thee.

Let me bate myself and love Thee And do all things for the sake of Thee. Let me humble myself and exalt Thee And think of nothing else but Thee. Let me die to myself and live in Thee

And take whatever happens as coming from Thee. Let me forsake myself and walk after Thee

And ever desire to follow Thee.

Let me flee from myself and turn to Thee That so I rnay merit to be defended by Thee. Let me fear for myself, let me fear Thee,

And be amongst those who are chosen by Thee. Let me distrust myself and trust in Thee

And ever obey for the love of Thee.

Let me cleave to nothing but only to Thee And ever be poor for the sake of Thee. Look upon me that I may love Thee;

Call me that I may see Thee

And forever possess Thee. Amen.

50 days once a day (Leo XlII, Sept. 25, 1883),