Speak, 0 Lord, for Thy servant heareth.

Lord, not my will hut Thine be done!

Wbo will grant, 0 Life of my soul, that I may die for Thee?

O my Jesus, like a lamb Thou didst not open Thy mouth.

Thou, 0 God, art my strength; in Thee I can do all things.

o Lord, I am only what I am before Thee, neither better nor worse.

Behold me, 0 Lord, have mercy on me.

o my Jesus, Thou canst now say that I am a worm and not a man.

o Lord, I offer myself to Thee as a constant holo­caust of Thy love.

Om)’ Jesus, the more Thou allowest Thyself to be despised the more I love Thee.

O my dearest Spouse, I would rather be despised with Thee than be honored without Thee.