Universal Prayer to the Holy Spirit

               O Holy Spirit, fulfill in us the work begun by Jesus.  Let our prayer on behalf of the whole world be fruitful and unwavering.  Hasten the time when each of us will attain a genuine spiritual life.  Enliven our work that it may reach all human beings, all who have been redeemed by the Blood of Christ and all His inheritance.

Take away our natural presumption and uplift us with a holy humility, with reverence for God and selfless courage.  Let no vain attachment impede the work of our state in life, nor personal interest divert us from the demands of justice.  May no scheming on our part reduce love to our own petty dimensions.

May all be noble in us; the quest and the respect for Truth, and the willingness to sacrifice even to the Cross and death.  And may all be accomplished in accordance with the final prayer of the Son to His Heavenly Father and in accordance with the grace that Father and Son give through You, the Spirit of Love, to the Church and to her institutions, to every soul and to all peoples.

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    Servants of the Holy Family