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St. Agatha

February 5, 2025

In Catania, Sicily, St. Agatha, having been consecrated to God from her early years, was martyred. Quintianus, a man of consular dignity who lusted after her caused her to be apprehended and brought before him. Seeing herself in the hands of the persecutors, she made this prayer: “Jesus Christ, Lord of all things, you see my heart you know my desire: possess alone all that I am. I am your sheep, make me worthy to overcome the devil.” First she was tormented by living 30 days in a house of prostitutes. When she did not succumb she was questioned, whipped and sent to her cell. The next day she was arraigned a second time and holding fast, was stretched on a rack, her sides torn with iron hooks and those wounds burned with torches. She suffered with cheerfulness which enraged the governor so her breasts were cut off. She responded, “Cruel tyrant, do you not blush to torture this part of my body, you that sucked the breasts of a woman yourself?” She was sent back to prison with severe orders for no food or salves but St. Peter came to her in a vision and comforted and healed her. She was then rolled, naked, over live coals mixed with broken potsherds. Being carried back to prison she made this prayer: “Lord, my Creator, you have ever protected me from the cradle. You have taken from me the love of the world, and given me patience to suffer: receive now my soul.” She died in 251.


February 5, 2025
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