(updated November 8, 2020)

Upcoming schedule will be posted soon.

The two Mass schedule will continue to maintain the state regulations for masks etc. in accordance with the October 15, 2020 Civil Action No. 1:20-cv-02362-DDD-NRN from the U.S. District Court for Colorado and making use of the data from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) on August 26, 2020. No one attending these Masses will be required to disregard any current state regulations.

Our Sunday Mass schedule is based on the El Paso County Variance dated June 5, 2020 and its reopening guidelines of August 3, 2020. Our chapel is a “critical service” as found in Colorado Orders D2020 044 and 20-28 and is open following their guidelines.

We will post the upcoming Sunday Mass schedules each week.

Chapel cleaning is on Mondays after the 8:30am Mass. Thank you for cleaning Our Lord’s home.

SUNDAY MASSIn order to maintain the state regulations for social distancing in assemblies, those attending Sunday Mass must observe our reserved seating in the chapel. Contact us to know which group designation is yours. All Masses will have a sermon also.

DAILY MASSDaily Mass does not require reserved seating in group designations as on Sundays nor does it require advanced reservations using an app as in the past. When at a daily Mass please kneel in the pews so that the orange tape is directly in front of you.

The Daily Mass schedule is the following:

Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays –

8:30am only.

CONFESSIONS – Confessions will be heard starting 30 minutes before each weekend Mass time for those attending that Mass. Please be patient and wait as priest may be coming from offering Mass to hear confessions.

Also, Confessions are available for those requesting an appointment.


  1. Anyone who attends is responsible for his/her own health. Please remember to think of your neighbor’s well-being as well. We cannot assume any responsibility for the health of participants.
  2. Our new Sunday Mass schedule is designed so that everyone has the opportunity to fulfill his Sunday obligation now.
  3. Please no sick persons nor those with symptoms of illness.
  4. No infants nor children under seven (7) years of age who usually stay in the cry room (classroom) can attend.
  5. Please observe social distancing and please do not have any physical contact like handshaking with others at the chapel.
  6. Please enter only through the front door near the Holy Family statue and classroom and exit only through the chapel doors in the vestibule. Try to exit quietly and avoid doing so during Masses.
  7. Please park near the chapel and near the entrance door. You can use the parking islands. Do not park in the east parking lots.
  8. We have increased ventilation by propping open interior doors so fans will be circulating air for both Masses and confessions. Please wear a coat if you are sensitive to the cold.
  9. Anyone here must observe the six-foot social distancing rule and should wear a mask. Wearing gloves is recommended but not required.
  10. The pews are marked with orange tape so to permit easy observance. Please kneel so that the orange tape is directly in front of you. We will be available to assist.
  11. The restrooms may be used, but we ask that you use them one at a time, and do not form a line in the hallway. Disinfect the restroom after use. Hand sanitizers are available.
  12. In addition to everything already explained, here is information about going to confession.
  13. Confessions will be heard in Office A.
  14. Enter Office A when able and close the door. Do not enter if you see through the window that a penitent is already there. Leave the door open when leaving.
  15. Observe social distancing, etc., while waiting for confession near and in the classroom.
  16. The Sign up app is no longer necessary


  • We are requiring that the priests and seminarians who come within six feet of others wear a face covering at all times (per the state order that went into effect June, 2020). We will provide face coverings to the priests and seminarians.
  • We have and will thoroughly clean and disinfect the facility prior to and following each Mass in accordance with CDC and state guidelines. Please assist with this if asked.
  • We have invited our people individually by phone call and email/text to attend Mass. We explained the process to them, and the information herein contained.
  • We have explained the Sunday reserved seating so we know in advance who is coming. Reserved seating is not necessary for daily Mass attendance but social distancing is always required.
  • We have marked the interior layout of the chapel with tape in accordance with the six-foot social distancing rule. Families can sit together, but there should be at least six feet distance between family units, and more if possible.
  • We have planned one-way traffic in and out of the building, with a separate entrance door and exit door on opposite sides of the building.
  • We have posted signs on and within the facility that explain the service protocol.
  • We have provided hand sanitizer throughout the facility.
  • We will not pass anything like parish bulletins around the chapel, including the offering basket etc.
  • We have removed the Holy Water fonts and have not had singing for High Masses etc.


The following has been recommended to us and we share this information with you:

  • Take temperature, wear freshly washed clothing, refrain from drinking or eating before coming so as to avoid using the restrooms.
  • Use the restroom prior to leaving home.
  • Wash clothing following the service.
  • Stay home for at least 14 days if you know you have come in contact with an individual – with a confirmed case of COVID-19.
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