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December 2018

St. Francis Xavier

December 3

The Society of Jesus, which has always had many missionaries in its ranks, glories in possessing the great 16th century apostle, St. Francis Xavier, among its founders. St. Ignatius, his fellow-student in Paris, won him to the cause of Christ. Sent to the Indies, he embarked on a wonderful and triumphal apostolic campaign. Alone and…

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St. Peter Chrysologus

December 4

St. Peter was made bishop of Ravenna as the result of St. Peter’s appearing to Sixtus III. In the fifth century St. Peter was one of the great bishops who defended the purity of Christian doctrine against the heresy of Eutyches. He preached untiringly to his people. His eloquence and the soundness of his teaching…

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St. Sabbas

December 5

A famous solitary of the 5th century, St. Sabbas ranks with St. Euthymus and St. Gerasimus as one of the chief organizers and luminaries of monasticism in Palestine, and his rule had a great influence on Eastern monasticism. He founded several monasteries, including the famous “laura” named after him. Devotion to him was introduced to…

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St. Nicholas

December 6

St. Nicholas is very popular today and was revered in his own day as well. He was held as a living martyr by the emperor and bishops at the council of Nicea in 325. He was bishop of Myra in Asia Minor at the beginning of the fourth century. Devotion to him, already widespread in…

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St. Ambrose

December 7

Born at Treves about 335, Ambrose belonged to an illustrious family of Roman magistrates. He was governor of Milan when called by the people to become bishop of the city. He was a great churchman who exerted a considerable influence. As an imperial counselor he resisted heresy; his unruffled energetic insistence brought the Emperor Theodosius…

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The Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary

December 8

“O Mary, thou art all fair, unstained by original sin.” This cry of admiration, which the Church puts on our lips, expresses the feelings of mankind subject to the evil consequence of sin before the spotless purity of our Lady. From all eternity God has chosen Mary to be the Mother of the Word Incarnate;…

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St. Wulfhilde

December 9

Placed at a young age by her parents in the monastery of Winchester, St. Wulfhilde was greatly admired by King Edgar but she rejected his continuous offers sent via many gifts and letters to the monastery. An aunt tricked her by feigning sick and asked that she come to her from the monastery so that…

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St. Melchiades

December 10

St. Melchiades, who suffered greatly during the last persecutions, and succeeded Eusebius in the see of Rome in 311, had the joy before dying of seeing peace restored to the Church by the edict of Milan in 313. Among the first laws which he enacted in favor of Christians, he passed one to exempt the…

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St. Damasus

December 11

St. Damasus was made Pope in 366. He was archivist of the Roman Church before his elevation to the papal throne, and on becoming Pope continued to concern himself with the history and cult of the martyrs: the walls of the catacombs contain many epitaphs of his composition. He opposed the heresies of his times,…

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St. Lucy

December 13

Patroness of Syracuse and of all Sicily, St. Lucy is one of the saints held in greatest honor in Italy; at Rome itself no less than twenty churches were dedicated to her. In her the Church venerates the twofold testimony of virginity and martyrdom, the highest virtue combined with the most heroic fidelity. St. Lucy…

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