Our 40th Anniversary in Colorado - February 19, 2017

Our newly formed religious community arrived in Colorado Springs on Saturday, February 19, 1977. We left Michigan during the coldest winter on record in the mid-West since World War I and were pleasantly surprised by the warm temperatures in the city which welcomed us with the majestic view of Pikes Peak and the Rocky Mountains. The faithful had invited us to move here and they generously received us. They rented a large home and furnished it for us to begin. The next day we met all the people and had Mass in their chapel. We were very grateful and thanked God for His providential care. We had begun the trek west three days earlier without any buildings, property or possessions except for $500 and whatever personal belongings we could fit in two rented vehicles and a car owned by one of the seminarians. Despite any concerns, we always trusted that God would provide and so those days of travel were among our happiest and most care-free. While going through Illinois we stopped at the Shrine of Christ the King in Winfield and were kindly received by Father Stanley Wasylik, C.R., and his people. They took care of us that day and gave us much help for the rest of the journey. Father and his group remained faithful friends for years to come. We thank God today in recalling these memories and pray for all those who were generous towards us, especially the many who have passed to their reward.

Season For The Humble

We are in the season of preparation for the Lenten season.  To properly prepare, we need the virtue of humility which wars against the vice of pride…

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Among the benefits that flow from the offering of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass are the ministerial fruits. These are reserved to the priest who applies them for those who request them.

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