Fifth Sunday after Easter

St. Rita (Margarita) after eighteen years of married life, lost, by death, her husband and her two sons. Called afterwards to the religious state, she professed the Rule of St. Augustine at Cascia her native town, near Spoleto, in Central Italy. In a life-long and terrible malady her patience, cheerfulness and union by prayer with almighty God, never failed her. Jesus imprinted on her brow the mark of a thorn from His crown. She died May 22, 1456, and both in life and after death she has worked many miracles. Devotion to St. Rita has increased very much in late years; she is invoked as the ``patroness of desperate cases.`` (St. Andrew's Missal) St. Rita's beautiful life was marked by much sorrow and tribulation but her deep interior life carried her through it all. She was particularly favored by St. Michael and St. Augustine who miraculously intervened for the sake of her vocation as a nun. God continues to put His seal of approval on her because He preserves her body to this day, keeping it incorrupt, as can be witnessed by any who view her remains in Cascia, Italy. Her feast is this week on May 22nd and she is numbered as one of our special and beloved patrons for interceding for us in our own ``desperate case``. We recommend her to all who are in need of a sympathetic and generous intercessor in the court of heaven.

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Mother’s Day

This Mass prepares us for the upcoming feasts of the Ascension and Pentecost when Our Lord returns to heaven and sends the Holy Ghost.  This day is also a secular holiday in which we honor our mothers…

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Among the benefits that flow from the offering of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass are the ministerial fruits. These are reserved to the priest who applies them for those who request them.

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