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Pentecost Sunday - May 31, 2020

Christ’s promise is fulfilled; the apostles receive the Holy Spirit; strengthened by His help, they will preach the Gospel and bear witness to Christ to the very ends of the earth. (Epistle – Acts 2, 1-11)
Taken from the discourse after the Last Supper, the Gospel of Pentecost is one of the loveliest passages in Jesus’ teaching on the Holy Spirit’s mission. (Gospel – John 14, 23-31)
(St. Andrew Missal)


“Keep Them From Evil” – Today is a renewal of the Ascension and a continuation of our preparation with the Apostles for the coming of Pentecost…

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Read daily testimonies of how God has worked through His saints to accomplish His purpose and work throughout history.

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Among the benefits that flow from the offering of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass are the ministerial fruits. These are reserved to the priest…

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Our new 2020 edition of the Liturgical Calendar is now available. Learn more about the calendar or order a copy on the page below.

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