Low Sunday

Quasimodo Sunday is so named because of the first words of today's Introit. It is also called Low Sunday in comparison with high Easter Sunday. The Mass texts today focus on sinners who received mercy so that we have hope. Christ showed His wounds to St. Thomas as recounted in the Gospel so to bolster our faith and hope. Our Lord's mercy towards sinners is to encourage us to recover from our mistakes and to thank God for His gifts to us. ``Peace be with you`` were the words Our Lord used to address the Apostles on Easter night so they would know that He harbored no ill will towards them for their failure to be with Him at Calvary. These are the same sentiments for all of us sinners to remember so we recover from our falls.

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Compels Belief

Easter is the glorious reward for Our Savior’s great work of sacrifice and includes all the merits He has won for us as well…

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    Born at Nijmegen, St. Peter Canisius belonged to the Society of Jesus....

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Among the benefits that flow from the offering of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass are the ministerial fruits. These are reserved to the priest who applies them for those who request them.

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